A night at the new club



Forecast for the night and wonders would happen to you in real. This is the vibe The Flip Bar spreads all over. The one in a mood to party all night long and enjoy dancing on the latest hits this is the place one needs to mark on.
The lights are so trippy and amazing here that one can’t hold themselves into their place and crawl down the dance floor in no time.
Food over here is up to mark, service is quite friendly and when it comes to drinks their service is super-fast.
The choice of drinks are varied with a little twist of flip, talking about the once we tried were Cosmopolitan Vodka with cranberry, lime juice and orange liquor and Breezer Thunderbolt with apple slice, orange slice, dash up lime juice & litchi crush.
The  drinks were  followed by the starters- ordering in Chowpatty Crostini that consisted crispy round baguette topped with Pav Bhaji mesh, pomegranate seeds, coriander and Basil Bhatti Chicken served with flavoured creamy basil & chicken char grilled tandoor & the mains was Baked Keema Rice topped with fries and boiled eggs and ended the supper with mouth-watering chocolate brownie with ice-cream. Everything here seems to have a perfect layout and I personally term it to be the best yet in Kandivali, ultra cool plus easy on pockets a hard combo to get in together.


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