The Ultimate Italian Esperinzia at 1441 Pizzeria

Food is indeed a serious affair, well its not just about satisfying our tastebuds, it’s even about quality, quantity and yes the sorrounding too. Anyone would rate this as a 10/10 meal and as we were hunting for some of the restaurants that had all the qaulities mentioned above We found ‘1441 Pizzeria’
      Speaking about the ambience we had the genuine Italian vibe as we got to know some facts about the origin of the classic ‘Bread-cheese-delicacy’ and ofcourse we loved  the uniqueness and authenticity of naming the outlet after the historic location of the first pizza 

Speaking about the food we ordered The starters we had. it had all to maintain a good start to an amazingly satisfying meal ‘The Peri Peri Chicken’ -tender meat marinated with their secret peri peri chilli coating served with some really yummy dips and with the burst of cheese we rounded up the starters with some ‘cheese veg Dough Balls’ andd their thirst quenching original ‘Lychee Lemonade’ is something you gotta try 

The traditionally baked pizzas is something that you miss nowadays but 1441 Pizzeria is one of the few pizzerias who served us some really Yummy pizzas with the concept of customization this gave us to add our own twist to the pizza along with the number of Sauces, toppings and Cheese that were provided

But we tried some of their originals and yes we were really satisfied with it The Krish Pizza(Veg) and Nikunj Pizza(Chicken) maintained the balance of our tastebuds with the best of cheese, meat, veggies and toppings.

We ended up having the chocolate Moose which was an epic chocolatey surprise

This is a place you gotta visit.

Here are some of the images

Krish Pizza

Peri Peri Chicken

Nutella Pizza topped with Marshmallows, Banana and Strawberry

The Amazing Thirst Quenching Drinks

Crispy Cheese Dough Balls

Creating the masterpiece…..The traditional Baking trend 

Nikunj Pizza


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