Exploring the States through food

Culture is something you need to know if one wants to explore about a nation or place in particular

But according to me ‘Food’ is not only something that helps you to explore and know more about the place, well it’s a serious affair it’s an invisible bond that connects us to  different people and their cultures and here we found one
Well ‘Stacks and Racks’ know how to do it, with their Total American Themed Restaurant serving some ‘Finger Licking good’American Classics with some of America’s well know personalities on it’s wall
Bacon and Cheddar Fries with hot and sour Vegetable stock at the bottom and Fries topped with melting Cheddar and finely Chopped Veggies and Bacon served in a bowl ….this is one epic starter to an amazing meal.

The ‘Louisiana Chicken Wings’ and ‘Barbeque Chicken Wings’ is one sweet and Sour delight served with the classic ‘Ranch’ Dip

Marinated with some of the finest mixes
An American Menu wouldn’t be complete without ‘Burgers & Stakes’ and yes they do serve some of the best Jawbreaking Burgers in town and some yummy stakes with a lot of varirties.

In Picture: The Carribean Burger

With Varities in their drinks the ‘Pink Lemonade’ with the added flavour, you still won’t miss the ‘lemony tangy Punch’
Well if you are missing some of the finest authentic American meals Then stacks and Racks is the Right place


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