Food for the Quick Pace lifestyle

Hardworking, Struggling, ambitious well maybe thats how you a describe a ‘Mumbaikar’ but at the end if there’s something that matches the high paced life of Mumbaikars then its Food and we found a place that aims to carve a place in a Hungry Mumbaikar’s heart  

Sandwiches, Pastas and mini Pizzas, fast food as described is now a filling and satisfying meal for many 

So is ‘Bliss Veg Resto.’ keeping in mind the things and needs of a hungry Mumbaikar and are creating some of the yummiest fast food in town. 

So getting to the things we tried 

1) Corn Schezwan Sandwich 
This a toasted cheesy double delight …….filled with Sweet corn and cheese. And ofcourse topped with cheese as well 

2) Paneer Tikka Toast 

Well this is the one I would Suggest….since it’s their signature dish 

This sandwich is overloaded with Paneer and Topped with cheese 

3) Alfredo 

Well this was much Italian 

Pasta cooked in white sauce ….this hot and sour cheesy delicacy is one you gotta try 

4) Ending with something sweet 
Ferrero sandwich (Nutella) 

One just can’t miss out on a sandwich that has nutella as it’s filling and it’s topping as well 😍 

Well well well describing it with an adjective it was ‘marvelous’ 

You just cannot miss out on this 

That’s the one in picture 

Quality and Quantity that’s the funda and secret to please foodies in town and if you are looking for it then you gotta visit Bliss Veg Resto


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