Much Sugar, Much Sweet!

No matter How good or bad your Day was, ultimately You Hop and run back to Get the essence and aroma of your favourite food & surely Your day can’t end with a piece of yummy sweet delightful dessert.

Chocolate- a delight to receive or to give…. Said by all and followed by few. Remembering of the one who truly follows it are the amazing bakers of 7th Heaven,  which bakes one  of the finest super tasty cakes, macaroons,  pastries,  puffs,…. What so ever you need to fill your tummy and be satisfied then.  Along with the numerous varieties and extraordinarily nourished food stuffs that gives a heavenly kick, The first thing that we tried was the puff- stuffed with veggies that added up to the amazing taste of the buds that one could easily relish on. Then was the giant kit Kat gem chocolate cake that simply served the delight, with flooded chocolate through all the thin layers that gets onto tempts with no regrets of gaining weight because the only thing that rushes to one’s mind is to just have a big wholesome bite and simply say “yuuummm”. Adding up to the list are the pastries that served the all-time purpose of filling ones tummy that had an mushy natural kind flavours and it proved to be delicious. The macaroons which seem to be like a small circular cake, typically made from ground almonds, coconut, or other nuts or even potato, with sugar, egg white, and sometimes flavouring’s, food colouring, glace cherries, jam and/or a chocolate coating served good by filling in flavoursome ingredients into ones belly. The cute little cup-cakes were delicious and talking about the red velvet cupcake, what to say!!! It adds up to its own pleasure: the Donuts being the all-time munching meal were served at its best. And the amazing bar cakes filled in with flavours simply gets down ones spine with relishing effects. They do provide you with adequate amount of variety for their eateries. And is the best to take away for your special ones. They decorate it so well with simplicity and tenderness that one could not stand having a bite of it… Experiencing these delicacies was like a cherry on the cake for the day.

Here are some of the treats

Red Velvet Cupcake

The Kit-Kat Gem Delight


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