An afternoon like this 

At time little ingredients do matter a lot …at times we may find that our favourite ingredients are not added to our favourite dish in a large amount or many a times we may find the ingredients that we don’t like at that destroys the flavour of your dish…ever wondered if customization could reduce this fuss created 

 ‘Spesso Gourmet Kitchen’ and among the few restaurants in Mumbai that give you the privilege, the chance to add your own twists to your favourite meal.
 The things we liked about the the place
1) The Ambience
We were just stunned by the look and ambience of the place, it was quite spacious and bright. Well you could walk in anytime of the day and have a tummy full, yummy meal with the space providing a great view to what we describe as a great meal
2) The concept of Customization
What matters to Pizza lovers the most the base, extra cheese, best ingredients and the best of toppings ….well you just can’t compromise on this and if you get a chance to add your toppings then yes you are gonna have one grrat meal
That’s just what we got at Spesso Gourmet Kitchen, with a lot options available to you in terms of the toppings you want to add to make your pizza look more yummy and colourful.
3) The Dessserts
How to end a really great time spent with your loved ones?…..well my answer would be with a ‘Sweet delightful Dessert’ the presentation and preparation at Spesso was one incredible thing that we loved.

 The Hazelnut Freakshake👼❤

 Chocolate chocolate and more chocolate 🍫 Coated with peanuts and Hazelnut chocolate, the jar is filled with thick chocolate cream and is topped with a cake Lollipop
With a lot of unique options available in terms of desserts …the melting Chocolate Ball is one you gotta try
 This was one of the best Veg Restaurants we ever visited in town in terms of space, Ambience, quality and uniqueness
You would surely fall in love with it.


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