Coz Chicken is Love 

Sometimes you just need a break from the western cuisine and binge on to this Indian tadka filled in with exotic flavours and spices, counting in all of the veg and non-veg delights together, comes in Goila Butter Chicken’s special food served for lunch that included a complete platter of Chicken Naan Bombs with the special sauce to add to its flavour, Goila Butter Chicken simply soothing ones taste buds with the essence of butter spread all over. 

24/7 Dal Makhani, a much needed stuff to add in when Indian dishes are concerned. Roomali Roti that was fine to munch on. 

Chilli Garlic Roomali Roti was one of our favourites as it consisted a slim paste of garlic and chilli sauce all over adding to the spice of roti. 

And to end with was the sweetest of the sweets that one awaits for the Baked Mango Rasgulla which relished over ones need filling the tummy to the fullest and satisfying ones wants completely.

Overall a very satisfying meal and the perfect chicken meal you’d want to have 👼

Ratings: 4/5


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