Yī dùn dà cān

Wondering what the title means ?

well you’ll find the answer right here 

Foodies in town go on seeking for a place that serves the best Chinese cuisine in town…but many a times they return with a disappointed face reasoning the Quality of the food to be bad or at times pathetic, at times the quality of the food is really really good but the disappointment is due to the quantity

And there are many who are facing the same issue but this Food Chain/outlet in town have found out the solution to the problem that every Chinese cuisine lover has 

Providing both Quality and Quantity, ‘The Kitchen’ is revolutionizing Chinese Cuisine creating some of the best Chinese dishes with their special ingredients

Things we loved at this newly opened outlet

1) Food Boxes

Capitalizing on the concept of Chinese Food boxes which can be converted into a plate and which are then disposable

 adavantages ? Well its hassle free
2) The Quantity and Quality 

Name a chinese Restaurant that provides you both? Well you make take a lot of time sorting out places but The Kitchen satisfies their customers with both ‘Quality’ & ‘Quantity’ 

In picture: Singapore Fried Rice, Hunan Gravy and Schezwan Noodles served with the Kitchen Special Sauce. 

Well you could feel the essence of every spice embedded in every single grain of Rice, and then Hunan Gravy is something that you would find nowhere and The schezwan noodles are one to satisfy if you love spicy Food

The best was saved for the last. 

The Chicken Lollipops are one of the best Chicken Lollipops we’ve ever had. 

Coated with The Kitchen Special Sauce, the slightly spicy starter is the perfect way to start your meal.

Located in Khar they currently have their Delivery chain ranging from Bandra to Santacruz.

Well we were totally satisfied with tummy full yummy Chinese meal 

And if you are looking for the best Chinese Food in Town then you know the place



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