The Kitchen seasoned with love

Well this time it’s a sweet title and the story of a really beautiful place that we visited, We say it all because of the charm And view of the ambience.

We visited ‘OMG Resto Cafe’ where OMG stands for ‘Oh My Gorge’Oh yes Gorge which does mean a Small Canyon, well Gorge even Means a glottonous meal so now through the introduction you get a hint about the beauty of the place and even the quality of food that this place serves, though considered to be small in terms of space but the quality of food is surely acceptable and quite good

Getting to the things we tried OMG Resto Cafe

1) Italian Much 

This time it was the thin long Sicilian Strip featuring The Spaghetti Alfredo Pasta with Red Sauce

Spaghetti served with the traditional Red sauce which contains the best of Ingredients; Olives, tomatoes and basil to name a few topped with Ricota this is truly nutritious and Yummy.

2) The shakes

Coz anything made with Strawberry is so delightful 

Here’s the Classic Strawberry Milkshake topped with cream, strawberry Syrup, Strawberry Chocolate sticks and the sides sprinkled with colourful sweet grains

Only coz an ordinary Milkshake was too mainstream.

the Tempting ‘Overloaded Chocolate’ 

As the name speaks for itself loaded with cream and chocolate sticks this pretty looking shake is one to uplift your moods

Indeed It was a great time spent at this beautiful place … to visit


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