Exploring the Lost Falvour (Part 3)


We were given more than 12 options to select one chaat. Why have one when you can have all of them? So, we told the chef to serve us one piece of each of the Crisp flaky chaats. He then gave us a plate of assorted Chaats. Each one of it to have bursted with sumptuous Tangy Twisty Taste. All the chaats were so flavoursome that one would want to have it again and again.   

Apricot Custard Tart in any      form are nutritious  and when mixed with cream, milk and sweetners one gets a masterpiece out if it.

The Fantastic work of crafting the chocolate moose into an Egg decorated with sweeteners this is one to watch & definitely one to taste. 

The saccharinity, the blend of sweeteners and it’s taste that’s what makes you love ‘Kala Jamun’ To make it look even pretty it’s topped with Pistachio.   

Icecream just makes you feel Good be it any mood especially when topped with Marshmallows, Gems, Jellies, Gummy Bears not forgetting Lozenges that add sweetness and colour to the variety of flavours already present. 

Your drinks Chilled and your Coffee hot                              Just like your Waffell decorated                           Adding toppings to desserts definitely enhances the look that’s what is done here with Strawberries and Icecream this is just more than Pretty

‘Rasgullas’ Or I would call it as saccharin bombs Tiny sweet spheres soaked in the sweet syrup this melting delight is surely what you would run for

‘Dome Sweet Dome’ A dessert named after it’s architectural shape With Blueberry,  White Chocolate Yoghurt & White Chocolate Raspberry it has variety in it’s colours and flavours and flavoured slabs for it’s finishing touches this is definitely a post-dinner add on.


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