Exploring the Lost Flavour (Part 1)

Living just an elementary life is so undesirable for many, and I guess there would be tons of thumbs up for it, exploring new places, meeting new people, knowing their Culture is extreme fun.

Well in Culinary terms you describe it as Adding flavour or some spice to your plain sailing life and as everyone just wishes or desires to have one, here’s the Journey of a gentleman -Chef Vishal along with his team of professionals did the same circumnavigating round the North with a view of popularising the hidden flavours of the well known ‘Garhwali’ cuisine.

        The ambitious and creative Chef Vishal Atreya – Executive Chef, JW Marriott Mumbai Sahar along with his group of professionals embarked on a journey to explore the Garhwali Cuisine of Uttarakhand in January 2017, where the team visited places such as Bhatoli, Bel Gaon, Kempty and Laval Gaon interacted with the locals regarding their traditional cuisine where they found out the essence of the traditional signature delicacies of Garhwal,

With food cooked in mustard oil and ghee, with a prominence of flavourings such as asafoetida, chillies in their fresh and dry form, garlic, ginger to name a few with other easily available seasonal ingredients the recipes are definitely wholesome and nutritious.


  Well they did not stop there, being determined about rekindling the lost flavours of the utterly delectable delicacies of Garhwal, JW Marriot Mumbai Sahar took the initiative of acclaiming to the city the lost but supreme Flavours of the Northern province by presenting the original Garhwali  etherealness to one and all with it’s ‘Flavors of Garhwal Food Festival’. 

Starting with the main cuisine for the day

Garhwali Food:

1)Gahat ki Roti: 

Gahat(popularly known as horse gram) is rich in B-complex vitamins and protein. It is quite delicious to taste and at the same time highly nutritious. The Roti is prepared by stuffing the Gahat dal in wheat.


Sweet puri that is made by mixing jaggery and wheat flour and then fried. It goes really well with the sabzis and an absolute delight.

3)Aalu ki Thechwani:

A very easy dish to make which involves boiling potatoes and then mixing them with tomato and onion paste and cooking them over slow fire. Well we are with the people of Uttarakhand on this one. This was our personal favourite too.
4)Jakhiya Potatoes:

Jakhiya( also known as wild mustard) are small, dark and brown. The potatoes are first boiled and then Jakhiya seeds are added to them. Garnished with coriander and red chillies, this dish when served with Swalas is the best kind of meal one can ask for.

5)Veg Kafuli:

Personally, we weren’t really fond of spinach. But this dish was something different. We had this with Khichdi and it went really well with it.

6)Jakhiya Paneer:

Tender Paneer cooked with Jakhiya and a variety of other spices and bell peppers and is served with a slightly spicy chutney. This dish is extremely luscious and it is a dish that you can relish on.

7)Jakhiya Pulao:

Soft rice cooked with a variety of mountainous vegetables with a burst of flavors coming to your mouth right after you have it. One not to be missed.

The few other cuisines that we tried were 

Thai Food:

1)Yellow Curry Fish:

Delicate pieces of white fish, mange tout and pepper simmered in a fragrant and mild Thai Yellow sauce.

2)Stir Fried Chicken with Bamboo Shoots in Basil Sauce:

We had this with rice and it was scrumptious. A very easy recipe to make that gives you a fresh feeling after you eat it.

3)Stir Fried Packchoy with Wild Mushrooms:

Packchoy is a traditional Chinese vegetable that is super healthy and helps in maintaining bone structure and strength. Mixed with Wild Mushrooms, it was a piquant vegetarian dish.

4)Prawns in Fresh Chilli Sauce: 

My love for seafood keeps on splurging on the need to taste atleast one of a kind for a day and there was it boiled prawns with a good dipping sweet chilli sauce Mixed with chilli sauce, soy sauce, chopped garlic, slice spring onions and red chilli


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