Exploring the Lost Flavour (Part 2)

Japansese Food:


We had four types of sushi where two were vegetarian and two were non vegetarian. The vegetarian Sushi came as a surprise as we had never heard of it before. So they were cucumber rolls coated with rice just as traditional sushi. The sauce served with it was simply moreish a must try for all the vegetarians out there and the non vegetarian one consisted of finely cooked rice rolled with mackerel and to add to the taste buds the  wasabi paste along with the sprinkle of the nutrient-rich black sesame seeds couldn’t just get over this one. 

Spinach Noodles:

Mixed with exotic vegetables  cooked in BullRock Sauce and Chilli Garlic Sauce. Being an anime fan myself, always dreamt of having traditional Japanese noodles, getting a chance to have these authentic Japanese delights was like a mini dream come true.

Continental Food:

The only continental dish we had and one of our favourite dishes of the night was the

Mac and Cheese:

As originated in England, you get the feel of the traditional English Mac and Cheese with a creamy and cheesy flavor. An absolute favourite of the English people and the one that’s moving up faster in our list.


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