Much More than Burgers

Hail the mastermind who created the first Cheese Burger.

Want to have a juicy and a cheezy burger ? 

Wanna get over those same old Cheese ” BURGERS”? 

Well frisbees is the perfect place for you

a place that is redefining the classic ‘bun-patty’ delicacy

Huge and Filling Burgers, served with fries. Making it a complete dream meal

Well adding to their specialities Frisbees make their own buns and fries ensuring their customers fresh food

Things we tried:
Cheese poopers(sides)

A perfect appetizer for all the cheese lovers in town. Perfectly  the meep fried crust filled with melted cheese inside leaves you with a mouth full of cheesy flavor. Served with mayo making it a perfect cheese bomb.

The kryptonite(veg burger) 

Including it in one of the best veg burgers that we ever had. The veg patty was perfectly fried. It was not that spicy but also it will leave your mouth with a masaledar flavor. This burger contains beetroot mayo which gives it an amazing pinkish colour, hot sauce giving it that ‘masaledar’ flavor and adding to the juiciness it is filled with other veggies making it the perfect kryptonite weapon!

Bbq bazooka: 

“If there were no limits, For food I would stretch my jaw wide” .Well this is something you would think about after looking at this Pretty mess

Filled with perfectly cooked bbq chicken , bbq sauce, cheese sauce, olive and bell pepper omelette etc well what else do you need in your dream burger 

P.S do ask for extra tissues along with this one

Frisbees – known just for Burgers ? Nah! They serve some amazing shakes too,

A Blueberry cheese shake so filling, leaving you with a big smile on your face forcing you to return for more!

Ah! what else do you need ?


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