A Positive ‘Vibe’

In today’s world one of the biggest misconceptions about healthy food is that it may not be tasty, all because of the nutritious constituents added in it knock out the ambrosial taste that one expects

Well not anymore here we are Introducing to you ‘Vibe Liquiteria’ an outlet, with a prime motive of serving sugar free, dairy free, all authentic and all fresh drinks to Mumbaikars
What’s Unique about them ?
Yes their smoothies are both healthy and yummy

Well lets first describe a smoothie:
With the best of Hot Chocolate, Dairy products, Chocolates, whip creams and yes not to forget the added preservatives too that may be fattening
If this is something that you really like to munch on then my dear you haven’t devoured the authentic smoothie yet

With the best quality of fruits, greens,raw ingredients and a fusion of it that leaves behind a punch of natural flavour yes that too with no added preservatives and no dairy products too this is what a smoothie really is and this is exactly what we got at ‘Vibe Liquiteria’

Getting to the things we tried

1) Bro Bro

Well this for all the Chocolate lovers and fitness freaks in town
Contains Raw Cocao, Natural Peanut Butter, Banana, Nut Milk
Well you would still feel the flavour of the epic combination of all the ingredients added to this drink even after an hour
Dates are added to enhance the sweet taste
Egg White (optional) natural supplement for all the Fitness freaks
Well you won’t find any other alternative to this protein rich healthy drink

2) Be Berry Berry Quiet
Adding berries to your drink to enhance the flavour – quite Natural, authentic and one to beat well that’s they are know for
Berry burst, Plum, Mango, Banana and Kinnow Juice
This is one delightful smoothie on their list

3) Evening Swim
This drink shouts out health
Low in cholestrol, Low in Fat
And with a perfect balance of all the flavours
Contains Avacado, Lychee, Watermelon, Lime amd yes Spinach

4) Freshly Roasted Coffee
Something you would miss in metropolitian cities,
And if you are missing the all original aroma, essence, taste of natural coffee then that’s what you will find here.
Surely one of the best in town.

Summer is here
Beat the heat
Plunge right into the blend of robust flavours
Visit Vibe Liquiteria for some thirst quenching, light, healthy and ofcourse Yummy smoothies.


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