‘Surprises’ in a ‘Jar’

Sweets are something that are so Comestible and of Immeasurable value. A divine favour for a person to relish on after a Meal And to find a person who is not fond of sweets is one impossible task; And to find a place that serves some of the finest sweets that one can run to after tiring day, or to celebrate a victory or to delight their dear ones on their special occassions,
Well this is not a tideous task as you think, we found a ateliar in town and that create, store and deliver some of the best sweets…..and yes that too in a jar
is an epitome of what we described In the introduction with this eatery/outlet having prime objective of serving some of their unique creations and signature sweets to Mumbaikars with all their flavours encapsulated in a jar…..well with this concept,all I can sense is tenderness and Love 😄:)
Getting on to the delicious sweets that we tried

1)7th Sin
With this will surely reminisce those good old days when Grandma Stored the sweet chip cookies in a jar that had all the flavours and aroma enlocked in those pretty looking jars
7th Sin, a 7 layered cookie jar is an epic flavorful combination of Almonds, Choco chips and 5 other scrumptious ingredients.
Yes this will leave you wanting for some more.
2) Choco Delight Jar
When It comes to sweet one just can’t miss out on chocolate and with chocolate as the prime ingredient in any sweet is an ideal eat.
A 3 layered dessert consisting of
Milk Chocolate
Dark Chocolate
And the all time favourite Chocolate Cake…
This can surely uplift your mood.
Well This is my Jar of Happiness
3)Mango Jar
And here comes the king of fruits with another royal look to get the glow back on your face
Consisting of Dual Layers of
Mango Jelly
Mango Mousse
And Fruits
What else can be an appropriate summer treat for you

Well if you a have sweet tooth and a real bad longing for Sweets and desserts
Treats in A jar, this ultimate Gem in town is the place for you.


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