The ‘Heart’ of The ‘Capital’

And this time we explored Delhi being in Mumbai

Sounds insane

But yes we had the privilege to taste the best of the Capital City in Mumbai
Well Frankly Speaking just to get over the regular ‘Mumbaiya’ Chaat that we usually have at the local eateries in town we tried something different and something that you wouldn’t easily find in the Economic Capital of our country 😆 

@dillieheart the eatery located in Powai boasts about serving the best of Delhi Chaat in town 

Bringing in some of the unique flavours of Delhi with their spice, zest and sweetness to satisfy the tastebuds of Mumbaikars

Basically recreating the famous Originals but with the same taste like

Khan Market ki Karari Aloo Tikki, Karol Bagh ke Mashoor Chole Batore, Daryaganj ke Special Patile Matra and many more such yummy recreations
So getting to the things we tried

1) Dilli Special Suji Golgappa

This is what Mumbaikars should really really try ….its not just the regular Pani Puri but it had the perfect mix of the ‘Teeka and Meetha’ Chutney with these huge Puris 

This is a must try

2) GK Market ki Posh Palak Patta Chaat
Spinach marinated with the Besan Batter and served with their special Chutneys and Yoghurt 

This too was so perfect

3) Khan Market ki Karari Aloo Tikki

‘KARARI’ which means Crunchy

Well this is not just a title but it actually is ‘Karara’ 😉

One will definitely love the Crisp & crunch of the epic mix of Lentils and Potato served with their special Chutneys 

You gotta try this

4)Maliwade ki Khasta Kachori

I bet you would fall in love with this Delicious dish

Well if you are trying Delhi Chaat then you just can’t miss out on this 

Kachori seved with a hot and Yummy aloo Hing ki sabzi 

5) Sarojini Nagar ke Shahi Dahi Bhalle

Since we entered the place this was something that we were so eager to try

Soft And tender Bhalla served with Yoghurt and topped with Chutneys

6) Karol Bagh ke Mashoor Chole Batore

Well this just stole the show …

The star of the Evening

Just amazed with the size & puff of the Batoras and ofcourse the well cooked Chole

You won’t get this anywhere else in Mumbai


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