One For the Bibliophiles 

A spacious place with great ambience and quality music the one easily soothing ones mood. What adds to this is their super delicious food 😋 If you are a book lover, this place is the one you need to go as you can chill and read a book from their amazing collection 📖😎

The dishes that we had:

1) Pizza Fries :

This time it’s something tangy and Something Cheesy With the flavourful punch of Pizza in the ‘In-house spicy Tomato Cheese Sauce’ combining with the fries to give a perfect start to a great meal.

2) TFB Sandwich:

Presenting to you an Original creation from ‘The Friends Bench’ Cafe The huge Sandwich Bread along with lots of filling is something that you wouldn’t find so easily in town Stuffed with Exotic Vegetables which is tossed with soy sauce, with Continental spices to retain its original flavour and yes Topped with cheese, without which it wouldn’t be a complete dish 😋😋

3) Peri Peri Pizza:

The Epic Peri peri Mix added in any starter, main course surely enhances the taste with its piquant flavour The Peri Peri Pizza is one such creation With a burst of Veggies like Onions, Mushrooms and olives This is topped with Pepper, Cheese and Yes the peri peri sauce.

4) Paneer Kurchan Tarts:

I have said it once and I will say it again ‘Coz anything made out of Paneer is just yum’ And this time with another look, Shape and flavour The ‘Paneer Kunchan Tarts’ Speak something unique about itself Baked with the mixes of Indian Spices and served with the traditional Burani Dip Oh 

5) Mexican SevPuri

From Kitchen in Mexico to the Streets of Mumbai this fusion is just magical

 Puri in its base with Potato and Mexican Beans….and ofcourse with a hint of Spicy chutney it will surely remind you of the Peppery Mexican cuisine

This is one epic Combination you gotta try

6) Fresh Greek Nutella Doughnut

For me It’s a Chocolatey Love affair.

The pleasent, exquisite, dinky and Delightful mini Doughnuts with the ever Loving Nutella as the chief ingredient.

Not just ending here with Shaved White Chocolate adding to it’s appealing look

The ‘Fresh Greek Nutella Doughnut’ is sonething that I would go on to hunt for.


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