Exploring India via Food Part 2

12) Dal Ghost En Croute: 
More like a burger with soft minced mutton dumplings stewed in yellow lentil and served well encased in a pao, tasty enough to complete the wholesome food and surly to try one. 
13) Paan Naan, Corn Paan Naan, Aate Ki Roomali Roti, Paratha, Whole Wheat Paan Naan, Lemon Paan Naan

Soft, fluffy, nutritious naan goes perfectly well with all gravies, curries & soups with varieties in their naan building up their menu here are some of the tasty ones served to us.
14) Kori Roti Lasagne Pot: 

How about Kori Roti and Chicken Curry? Well the Mangaloreans will know it better.

The Grand Taste of the Mildy-Spiced Curry with some tender meat and Veggies and the thin Long Rice Sheets that are a perfect alternative to Rice.

And this time ‘Haqq Se’ giving the Curry an ‘Indo-Western’ twist, forming it into a Lasagne

Well you just can’t wait to dig in on this Amazing creation
15) Carrot Halwa Cake:

From all the Fancy continental Desserts, Carrot halwa always stands as a class apart.

The Authentic Indian delicacy served at ‘Haqq Se’

That too carrot halwa cake with Rabdi, Its mild and sweet


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