Exploring India via Food

Seeking for a very good Indian Restaurant with an Indian Decor and Setup , 

providing the genuine Indian vibe, Cafe Haqq Se is the place for you

Get on a journey to Explore the Nation via traditional Indian Cooking and eats.

Right from the cutlery to the service to the food, everything about this place is amazing.
The things that we tried:
1) Kairi Mary: The loved ‘Kachi Kairi’, tamarind and jaggery Syrup along with a Punch of Lime and soda and a hint of Fizz. 

Combining to form a Superb ‘Indo-Western’ drink
2) Kesari Aam: Well As the good days are here the king of Fruits is here to please us in various forms

The Combination of Royal Mango and Saffron to form one Epic drink 

Consisting of fresh Mango, Cream and the Aromatic saffron shreds to add its pretty look.
3) Banarasi Tidda: This cocktail was in itself an authentic creation served in a copper glass filled in with vodka mixed with pan syrup and freshly squeezed pineapple juice along with the essence of the garam masala i.e. the sour mix wood smoked with clove.
4) Peppery Tarbooz: Sounds exciting as well as soothing, indeed it is one amazing cocktail quenching ones thirst as well as the urge for a drink like this consisting of frozen watermelon and vodka spiked with triple sec and crushed pepper.
5)  Bhel Granola: With this you surely won’t miss the tang and spice of the Desi Street Food

The nutritious Granola flakes along with Kurmura (Puffed Rice) and Chana Chor combining to form one Picante ‘Indo-Western delicacy

6) Farsan Satee: 

Guajarati Cuisine is all about Flavours, Quality and their Secret ingredient (affection and warmth) 
Recreating the cuisine from the west to give a new and decorated look

The Farsan Saté is one such creation of all, with some of the noted Guajarati snacks skewed which include the ever Loved Dhokla both white and yellow and Khandvi

Served with Spicy peanut chutney….this indeed had the sweet Guajarati Essence
7) Koyle Ke Jhinge:

 I Just cannot compromise when it comes to Prawns

Utterly delectable, Piquant and succulent Prawns with Himalayan Red Chilli Sauce and burnt tomato Sauce ….on my Table?

Oh yes all I can sense is a great start to my Meal. 
8) Bhune Tawa Chops

 Soft, succulent and Minced Mutton dumplings wrapped in a perfect blend of Aromatic Spices

Well adding to its Royal look and touch, the tender meat is stewed with yellow lentils and served with bread.
9) Bhari Mirchi Ka Salan:

 Mexicans & Hyderabadis are too passionate about their cuisine known for its spice, zest and aroma. And when these flavours combine there comes one humungous creation.
10) Rangooni Salad: So basically a curry noodle salad with assorted pickled vegetables. A fusion dish reminiscent of the old friendship with our neighbors. A scrumptious starter indeed.
11) Smoke Dal: Traditionally cooked lentil(Masoor Dal). With the perfect balance of spices, the smoky presentation made this the perfect dal. 


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