A Royal Breakfast

Providing us some vital nutrients and vitamins, Breakfast falls in the list of core undertakings in our day to day lives, provided you have something healthy and filling.

  Apart from it what matters really the most is a great partner for the meal and an astonishing venue too….now thats how you have a great start to a day…..well finding a place that serves good breakfast is not a difficult task….and we found a place that not just serves good but highly pleasing eats.

‘Kettle and Keg’, an all day breakfast house are recreating some of the most delectable dishes all with warmth, tenderness and perfection.

Getting to the things we tried

1) Italian Kiss
A Fruity Punch and A pefect fusion of immiscible flavours ………with an appealing look this exotic drink is your summertime consort.
2) Lemon iced tea

A breakfast is incomplete without a cup of tea….but as summer is here you gotta sip  from the refreshing and chilled cup of an ice tea. With options in their tropical flavours……the tang and mix is what we loved about this drink.
3) Kiwi Margarita 

the fusion Kiwi Punch with Sugar syrup, Lime juice & Triple shake combining to form One fruity and flavoured mocktail  traditionally served in the eponymous margarita glass…….well just one exotic creation to start with
4) Papeta Par Eeda (Eggs on Potato)

With uniqueness and variety in their early meal menu

This Persian delicacy is one excellent combination of potatoes and eggs.

potatoes cooked with a spicy mix served with Toast bread and omlette
5) Roasted Garlic and Rosemary Chicken drumsticks

On my table for brunch ?

Oh Yes!

Tender meat marinated different spices, herbs with rosemary as their ingredient…..you could feel the essence and the blend of all the ingredients in every part of the meat served with in-house salad and the special Ladi Pav

This was much wow!


6) Soyabean Kheema Pav

Minced Soyabean and Soyabean chunks cooked with Olive Oil served with The signature ladi Pav

Well you could experience the mix in every morsel

Perfect for a Vegan diet
7) Three Mushroom and Crumbled Feta.

Wild Mushroom, Porcini,Shiitake well a glorious trio of mushrooms combinig to form a one cheesey delicacy

You coul feel the aroma and the smoky essence of the mushrooms in this with  crumbled Feta Cheese and Caramelised Onion adding to the striking flavour and look 

This pizza is one of a kind
8) Coconut Salad 

Not just a regular salad

Well the tender coconut shreds add to the extraordinary taste and look along With Lettuce, Tomato, Bell pepper and Olives 

Served with the tropical and natural coconut water
9) Special strawberry Cream

With layers of whip cream, Quality strawberries, Starwberry Syrup this is something you would run for 
10) Keg’s Special Pudding

A special inclusion in the menu as the Parsi community celebrate Navroz

This moderately sweetened Bread pudding with Raisins….along with its mild flavour; This dessert added to the perfect Climax of an entirely amazing meal

‘Jumjoji’ ….thats how the Parsis do it 
Well we just loved the concept and idea of an All day Breakfast House providing some of the yummy and tummy filling quality eats.

I bet you would run to this place again


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