A step towards a healthy Life (MO’s Kefir)

 Running and Rushing for our daily chores, we fail to maintain a thorough diet, which basically leads to unhealthy living; daily excercise and Diet plans only end up in our phone’s to-do list. And the reason for all the negligence eventually gathers towards the lack of time. The result of such laxity are only disease,ailments and infirmities.

    But as it is Everything has a solution and epic cure; considering it MO’s SUPERFOODS have come out with a remedial measure for all the health and fitness concious heres introducing to you MO’s Kefir, a range of Probiotic Smoothies, that include ingredients which provide us some vital nutrients and re-energize ones form from within.
      Artificial sweeteners and added preservatives are now being the key ingridients in some of the drinks, well sipping on some of them is what we love mostly. Just pleasing to the sense of taste these drinks knock out the key factors that benefit ones health.
Keeping in mind these important things heres what MO’s Kefirs actually provide you
Getting to the Smoothies we tried

1) Plain Kefir
A Fermented milk drink with its regular flavour, consists of Coagulated Cow or Goat Milk and the original Kefir Grains.
this is one to start your diet regime with.

2) Honey Vanilla Kefir
 The fusion and essence of Honey & Vanilla is something that you would not love to miss out on
With 100% natural add-ons to the Regular drink, this all authentic flavoured smoothie is a an alternative to the plain Kefir
So if you have a sweet-tooth this healthy drink is what you gotta grab.

3)Mango and Palm Sugar Kefir
Being the season of ‘The King of Fruits’
MO’s SUPERFOODS have included in their range of smoothies a drink with a fruity Punch and a low GI and low in fat Palm Sugar without compromising the natural Flavour
With a much enhanced flavour this smoothie is something that you would Love.
This Healthy drink is what you gotta grab this Summer.

So still thinking about to how to maintain a fit and healthy Form in your busy and hectic schedule
MO’s Superfoods probiotic smoothies are your answer


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