The Revolutionary Drink (RAW Pressery)

    In this quick-paced lifestyle, Excercise, Walks and other vigorous regimes are now excluded from the to-do lists, now maintaining a good and healthy life still remains a challenge; and then there comes a list of foodstuffs that are so rich in vitamins, proteins with n number of nutrients, which we hold and think of consuming daily but eventually as human as we are new methods do replace them,

    Whereas ‘all-right and well’ Cold-pressed juices are revolutionizing the way of serving both Healthy and Yummy drinks to the commons, ‘RAW Pressery’ is one of the brand that is leading in the industry with their range of Signature drinks with a view of delivering ‘All Good No Bad’ cold-pressed juices and cleanses to thousands of homes.
    And here are some of their amazing juices that we tried:

1) Coconut
Wanna have a great start to the day ? Heres what you gotta grab
A natural energy booster with bioactive enzymes and unprocessed flavour
This is something you would miss in regular cocobut-based drinks

2) Pomegranate
A drink with maximum benefits, A drink with an outstanding taste…..just redefines health
Being unprocessed and containing pomegranate seeds this triumphs over any other packaged drink.

3) Guava
With natural Fiber content adding on to the extraordinary wholesome flavour this fruity Punch was all healthy and awesome

4)Pineapple and Ginger
An Exotic flavour with a bioactive Compound….this creation is just ‘WONDERFUL’
RAW Pressery, known for what they serve….with a Tropical Punch of Pinapple and remedial perks of Ginger……This drink just stood for Quality.

Wanna stay fit and healthy this summer
Grab a bottle of these Standard Cold-pressed drinks.



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