The Circle of My Life

A Circle, morever a Circle of My life thats how I describe my ever-loved full meal amd there is no deficit of the finest places across tje city that serve some of the extraordinary bread-Cheese delicacy and Pizza Papa John’s was one such place with some of the elite creations on their menu with quality toppings and ingredients make it to the list of the best pizzerias in town.

Getting to the things we tried

1) Garlic Parmesan Breadsticks

    The punch and essence of Garlic along with the crisp and crunch of the breadsticks morever The Melted Parmesan Cheese adding to the flavour and look of this amazing starter, Well what a combination, A perfect alternative to the Regular Garlic Bread.
2) Paneer Tandoori Pizza

Recreating the famous Paneer Tandoori along with added special ingredients, making it one great quick, all made with warmth, Fresh from the oven served on your table.
3) All Meat Pizza

A Humungous creation, 

A carnival of meat,

Consisting of Fine and tender lamb Pepperoni, Chicken Salami, Chicken Sausages with mozzarella and more

A glorious creation that one wouldn’t want to share 😀
4) Molten Chocolate Lava Cake

The hot and Sweet delight is one to have a perfect end to a really scrumptious meal with Choco Lava Oozing out at every slice, this wonder is something that you shouldn’t miss out on


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