A Mighty Scoop

After a long tiring day or after a victory all I want is a great companion and cup of ice cream that I would definitely love to share and to find a fine Ice cream joint is not a difficult task and here’s what we found in town, ‘Scoopalicious’ an ice cream joint with some exciting flavourful ice creams on their list, Getting to the things we tried

1) Ripe Coconut

Starting off with something Tropical and natural 

The All good and fine tender coconut flavour with the saccharinity of the natural sweeteners

One would surely love

One of the best inclusions in their list of marvellous creations.
2) Masala Guava

Masala sprinkled over Guava is indeed a perfect make-up

Now with certain twist with an ice cream

The mix of flavours tantalizing your taste buds will surely leave you wanting for more.
3) Black Currant

Surely falls in the list on ‘wanna try’ flavours

With the excess Punch of frozen black currant berries 

This is one wonderful treat in any season
4) Strawberry

Just everyone’s Regular favourite all created with love and affection.

Indeed this is one epic stress relievant.



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