Good Times and Biryani

 Just cannot compromise with the taste, quality and quantity when it all comes down to my all time favourite Classic meal, Biryani And this time its not just the majestic Biryani, ‘The Times of Biryani’ are satisfying the ravenous Mumbaikars with some excellent inclusions in their menu consisting of some standard Biryanis, Naan, Tikkas, etc. to name a few

So getting to the things we tried

1) Chicken Dum Biryani

The Hyderabadi Classic with the mix of aromatic spices, embedded in each and every grain of the fine Basmati Rice and tender marinated Meat, 

One would surely adore the supreme essence and taste of this Meal.
2) Chicken Peri Peri

All ready, Fine and tender meat marinated with the Epic Peri Peri Spice mix are just one appetizing Sides with Biryani 
3 ) Chicken Kheema Naan

Not just the regular Naan

With minced Chicken Stuffed in the leavened flatbread is just perfect with Curries and Tandoori Meat and a perfect alternative to Rice.


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