The ‘Golden’ Grain

Quinoa, known for its high nutrient content is a great wheat-free alternative to starchy grains, with a number of benefits it is a very good source of calcium, A staple element among the Peruvians and Bolivians, ‘ORGANIC FARMERS CO.’ have stepped up with a view of delivering super nutritious foodstuffs consisting of the highly beneficial pseudo-cereal also known as the ‘Golden grain’ at your doorstep.

 So Getting to the things that we received:

1) Quinoa & Semolina Pasta The ‘Quinoa & Semolina’ Pasta all crafted to perfection where to add to the texture the dough is slowly & gently extruded through bronze dies. 

High in Protein & Iron this results in a slower rate of digestion. *Perks: One remains full for a longer time and can absorb more of the food’s nutrients.

Recreating the delicious and all nutritious Pasta with the authentic & well known red sauce, much added to the great taste and flavour along with a perfect texture of the whole grains.
2) Quinoa Pops Masala

Snack time and something healthy.

Well here’s one for you

With the goodness of Quinoa in your regular snack, this all nutritious and high in fibre savoury snack with a desi masala twist is one revolutionary eat. 

Well its even Gluten free and can be used to garnish over your meal too.
For the ones relying on proteins and carbohydrates along with fruits, vegetables, nuts, and healthy fats. 

Well now shifting focus on whole grains can cover the essential nutrients required for a healthy living and Organic Farmers Co. are here providing you with some highly beneficial foodstuffs as an appropriate solution for you​


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