And it’s not in Texas


Rodeo, A new place with all original Texas-esque theme with an amazing ambience A perfect bar for those weekend nights, for parties & mixologist, with some striking skills, playing some pretty good dance numbers and a whole big gaming arcade which include games like bull riding, foosball beer pong, etc.

getting to the things we tried

Lamb and Bbq Chicken Mini Burgers :

2 succulent mini delights with much to offer. Consisiting of fine Lamb and Chicken marinated with their signature Bbq sauce giving it a tangy punch.

Chilli cheese fries:

To one of those fries which are low in fat, with less oil cotent in it. Just missing on the spice factor that one expects in Chilli Cheese Fries, morever the fries were creamy than Cheesy .
Chilean tikkas:

Original Chilean Delicacy recreated In India. Fine Chicken Drumsticks marinated with the best of Indian spices, you surely won’t miss out on the zing and tang of the Chilean blend with the mix of these spices.
Drums of joy:

To get over those regualar old Saucy Chicken creations.Here’s one all authentic formation of chicken with a punch of Garlic. A dish so joyful that you would surely ask for more .
Baked potato skins:

Baked potatos with a burst of yellow cheddar cheese is one perfect appetizer with your drinks. A simple creation with a majestic taste. This is indeed Finger Licking Good. 

One for the party animals with some some amazing collection of cocktails and shooters . A few which we tried and definitely helped us to kick start our evening were
Long island ice coffee:

 With a strong punch and Hard flavour of Rum and with a side of Lemon to enhance the tangy flavour, This is cocktail is for your celebration.

Rodeo Drive Whiskey sour:
To one of their signature inclusions 

This tangy hard Cocktail with best of tropical sqaushes with a hint of sugar 

was a level up than the regular cocktails.

Bartenders special:

And the star of the evening.

Simple yet classy is the perfect explanation for it. With a mix of raspberry Curacao and strawberry syrup and Vodka. It had the perfect balance of sweetness yet definitely had the perfect hint of vodka at every sip.
Long island iced tea( LIIT):

The presentation of this drink was just top notch. With immiscible layers of hard liquor on top and the bottom with iced cola. An evening so ‘LIIT’, wouldn’t be complete without this.

Chocolate Fondant:
An amazing place, a great evening with some really scrumptious meal would not be complete without a dessert and this joyful creation of Chocolate Pudding and Ice cream surely brought a perfect end to the evening


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  1. Wow, I really had to read this twice because I assumed you were talking about the Texas rodeo. As someone who’s lived in Texas, I’ll have to put this place on the list for whenever I make it to Mumbai…!


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