Chinese and more….

Chinese Cuisine is devoured worldwide and Greatly appreciated for its mix and balance of flavours, well Chinese meal is much more than Just Rice and Noodles, so here we were on an adventure hunting for some Pretty Good Eateries in town that serve Quality Chinese meal.‘Haka’ – an Authentic Chinese Kitchen, with a very cosy and bright ambience, that aims in serving something much more than the General Chinese eats 

And with some Original Chinese Recipes this restaurant has created an extraordinary Chinese Menu
Getting to things we tried

1) Veg Dumplings

 Well pleased with their Presentation

Steamed Dumplings that consisted of Veggies stuffed in the Rice Sheets placed and served in a Dumpling box

Not really satisfied with its average taste.
2) Cocktail Prawns

  To match it with the title of the dish, we loved the idea of present it in an authentic cocktail glass

  Well it’s the not the only reason they coined it as ‘cocktail Prawns’ 

  With a striking flavour of different piquant sauces (schezwan, soya, chilli, etc.) the mix had resolved well with the tender and chewy Prawns.


3) Dynamic Prawns

  Fried Prawns simply marinated with egg yolk and coated with flour had the crisp and crunch in every bite, definitely a perfect starter


4) Sapo Chicken

   Chinese Cuisine is so well known for its Fusion and balance of Hot, Sour and Spicy flavours and here’s a standard Example of it

Cooked with Garlic Sauce and their authentic Brown Sauce with vegetable stock that maintained the tang of the dish with Chopped veggies that added to the balance of the flavour and of course with Chunks of Chicken

 A perfect side dish for a main course meal.
5) Spicy Red Pepper Fish

 You just can’t compromise with the unique Spicy smack that is settled well in Sea food

And that is what we exactly found in this dish with its savoury punch, well marinated FIsh with the mix of Red Chilli and Pepper 

Sea Food lovers This is something you can’t miss out on
6) Mongolian Chicken

Here is something to rival the all-time favourite Chicken Manchurian 

This mildly spiced Chinese-American delicacy consisting of Chicken strips well marinated and coated with cornstarch 

with Veggie stock, to maintain the consistency of the Pungent kick

this is something you gotta relish on.
7) Burnt Chilli Rice

Just to get over the Regular Fried rice

This is something Unique in their menu, You could feel the spicy and smoky Punch of their Original Burnt Chilli Sauce (consisting of secret Ingredients) embedded in every grain of rice

Can be an alternative to the regular Fried Rice

Frankly speaking we weren’t satisfied with the complex Flavour as it failed to maintain the balance of other ingredients in the dish.
8) Sizzling Brownie with Strawberry Ice cream 

Well Well!

who this was one epic combination of our all-time favourite Hot and Sizzling Chocolate Brownie and The sweet Strawberry Icecream 

unexpectedly the Sweet Strawberry Punch was a perfect alternative to the regular Vanilla Flavour that goes well with the epic Chocolatey masterclass 


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