It could be ‘PAIR-A-DICE’

We love games and the ‘togetherness’ they promote Board games can’t be played alone

So come ‘PAIR-A-DICE’ with us – it’s game on!!

 and there goes the wonderful line all suggested by the creators of this ‘one-of-a-kind’ café.

 With the young generation totally indulged with their trendy smartphones, busy updating their social media statuses, moreover with online gaming…..’Pair-A-dice’ cafe has stepped up with a view of promoting togetherness by emphasizing on ‘Non-digital Entertainment’ with the help of board games…..Well what’s so unique about this cafe 

With more than 100 uncomon and unique board games on their list one gets a chance to learn something new and spend some quality time with their friends and yes not to forget about the good food that they provide.
Every Restaurant/café has it’s own way of naming the items on their menu and so have café pair-a-dice done the same with some noticeable tittles of food items by combing the names of board games with the dish.

So here’s what we tried:
1) The Pink city Pasta

 board games with Pasta, and it does really go well.

Just not done with pink sauces yet and found another great variation with an extra layer of creamy goodness and cheese.

Penne Pasta cooked in this extraordinary pink sauce, consisting of a blend of tangy tomatoes & cheese sauce was an absolute delight.
2) LINKEE To Panini

Well as the café all stands for it’s view of ‘Non-digital Entertainment’ and name the food items on the basis of board games this dish is one such example

Something cheesy, yet light to start of with 

Giving the regular sandwich a twist, bread stuffed with sautéed veggies which include the Chef’s signature sauce and cheese all grilled and right on your table …..
3) Virgin Mojito

A refreshing drink all made with simple ingredients with fresh lime juice, mint leaves and sparkling water… will surely love the fizz amd refreshing taste of this drink.
4) BOUNCE OFF Mocktail

A combination of Blue Curacao Syrup and Soda with a hint of mint……the bright and alluring look of this fizzy drink is something you gotta have this summer
5) Mexican Bhel

A recipe right from the kitchens of mexico on your table.

A burst of flavours and colours with multi ingreidients on your table, this was indeed an ideal appetizer, all focusing on the tang and crunch of this creation consisting of crispy tortillas with veggies, kidney beans and of course salsa sauce, you just can’t miss out on this.

Another glorious shake all known for its appealing look and it’s mighty taste that you would definitely love 

A beautiful jar consisting of Oreo milkshake, all enhanced with the cover of the swirling whip cream embellished with Oreo cookies on its edges, 

Quality time with friends? well this is one complete drink made to share.


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