A roadside wonder

A road side café amused in its own wonders, is coming up with its own home made speciality which makes it look different from the others. Considering the ambience, it’s quite soothing for a bunch of friends to hangout as well as when is in pain or happy or any other mood this place makes it all better offering various games and a working typewriter just in case if anyone wants to hold up an extra skill along with a small shelf of quite interesting books to read. This place upholds the spirit of having coffee and other related drinks as they aim at “people hanging out for coffees” at their place along with other eateries coz munching is a must.The things that we tried were: 

Café brownie


 Thirst quenching drink consisting of pineapple syrup & flavoured blue curacao not only enlightened ones mood but added to the fruity mix and chilled atmosphere. 

Italian gol gapa
Right with the look of the Indian chat to the taste of the Italian Cuisine, the twist in this gol gappa was remarkable. It included fine Italian veggies, grated with cheese on the top and not forgetting the extraordinary in house sauce of CA Chef marking it with tangy twisty blast of flavours.

Pav baji sandwich

 A different look is always cherished so was the presentation of the pav baji in the form of a sandwich. This thought actually proved to be of great help as in customers point of view so that hands would kept clean and one could enjoy it wholly without any drops and falls, well talking about the sandwich it tasted as good as the pav baji that included different kind of veggies and in house sauce right from the house of CA Chef, shredded cheese on the top served with tomato sauce which indeed is a must while savouring on a sandwich.

Papdi pizza

With the base of puri topped with flavoursome masala and a thin slice of cheese was more like bite away treat, easy go easy in with the drizzle of chili flakes on the top.

Cheeseling salad- Simply adding to the ever-loved tea time delight, the light, healthy and salty creation includes mix of tomatoes, bellpepper and the tiny cheeseings as the prime igredient, garnished with coriander this was a simple and amazing inclusion in the enu

Hot chocolate

with your friends chit-chatting and reminiscing the past times 

this Thick, Rich and SweetCreation is a perfect alternative to a cup of tea/coffee

This is one joyful Surprise for Every mood

And one Glorious *SUGAR-FREE* Delight for Every reason

P.S. The best hot chocolate drink that we’ve ever had so far.


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