A fine brewery


      And the city was missing a fine and fantastic brewery, but it is all completed here with a first-rate Bistro with an in-house brewery that is truly magnificent, known for serving their all original aperitifs.

One will surely love the view and look of the mind blowing and relaxed ambience and the cordial conduct of the staff was quite marked and appreciable, not to forget about the Chef who personally explains about his creations to the patrons………..well this place has a lot to offer.


So getting to the things we liked:

Not a beer fan?

Well then you haven’t tried these babies! 

White owl brewery and bistro brew there own beer. The flavor of these beers are absolutely pure and unorthodox making them a complete class apart.
They have a total of 12 different types out of which the ones we tried were:


These one was the mildest of the lot. It mainly contains French apple cider give it mild yet distinct apple flavor. 

This german kolsch became our favorite beer out of all the ones that we tried. It has an excellent distinct apple and pear flavor with a fruity aroma.

It was the strongest beer that we tried that we tried that evening. As the name suggests, it has a dark maroon texture with a mild chocolate flavor giving it that color.

1) Mel’s Cup

Just known for its variety in beers and cocktails?

Nah! The White Owl have included drinks for teetotallers too,

With the goodness Fresh of watermelon and musk melon,

For an evening so lit, this drink is just perfect to refresh you from within.\


2) Lloyd’s Cup

Just another drink for all the teetotallers

With some added ingredients which include a seasonal fruit mix and a side of mint

This is one perfect drink to start your evening with.


3) Parmesan Garlic knots

Well playing and creating with dough is the greatest ‘toy’ of all

to begin your meal with an easy appetizer

These delightful knots all with a punch of Garlic and Parmesan Cheese are unbelievably flaky, fluffy and easily melt in ones mouth.


4) House Corn on the cob

recreating the all Mexican original will surely reminisce those pleasant evenings on the beach,

Whole corn brushed with melted butter and sprinkled with chili powder, cheese and lime juice!

Well you would absolutely love this.


5) Chef’s Gourmet Popcorn

Parmesan chives and black pepper, Chaat style & Fire cracker


3 different styles of popcorn each known for its punch of flavour that settled in right well

with the crackle and pop of this unique and light appetizier.


6) Jalapeno & Cheese poppers

These bites are Surely a favourite at bistros

Infused with fresh jalapenos and cheese that is felt in every bite

The layer of bread crumbs is the key to it’s sensational crisp exterior.


7) Roasted Mushroom caramelised Onion Bruschetta

A combination of different mushrooms and Caramelised onions all cooked with Extra virgin Olive Oil

the bruschetta built with a layer of ricotta spread on the toasted bread and top with the mushroom and onion mixture with sharp cheddar adding to the taste of these tiny appetizers.





8) Minced Lamb Arancini

Giving the Arancini a desi twist,

mostly served with risotto, Fine and minced Lamb marinated with some noted mixes with Arborio rice and bhavnagari chilli  

served and placed on mini crunchy flatbread and topped with the ever-loved mozzarella

is something you got to try.


9) Craft Beer Popsicles

Here’s a perfect answer to a refreshing beverage to chill with your friends, no can or no bottle required

Coz popping open a chilled one takes an entirely different meaning with these beer popsicles,

Served with butter-cookie crumbs


10) Grilled Pear & Apple Crumble

Yet another inclusion in our list of unique and ambrosial desserts

With rolled oats and the punch of pears accompanied by a redolent whiff of apple extracts

A great dessert that no one can resist!

Well it does taste great with vanilla ice-cream

11) Envy
This drink is a complete spice bomb!

Made by mixing spiced rum, green apple pieces and cinnamon stick it has strong sweet and spicy flavor making it absolutely luscious and flavorful. 




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