Observances, with Good Food

   And the holiest month of the Islamic calendar is here, and as millions in the community restrain themselves from some good food, by maintaining a strict fast and then after a short ritual getting together with friends and family to enjoy a feast, a celebration of good food with some mouth-watering delicacies. And so, did Indi Kitchen provide us with a whopping great meal consisting of some really delectable Ramadan classics

So, here’s getting to the things we liked


1) Shahi Chicken Biryani & Shahi Veg Biryani

Well Biryani definitely falls in the list of Lavish meals.

A standard creation from the Mughlai cuisine consisting of tender chicken marinated with fine spices and basmati rice layered to give a perfect blend to the mix of all the magical spices

Whereas the veg Biryani with assorted veggies and tons of flavour added to it, taking one’s meal to a new level.

one will surely immerse into the fine aroma of the quality spices added in it.


2) Paneer Peshawari

A Punjabi cuisine with a Peshawari influence,

With distinct flavours of freshly ground spices which include cumin, coriander and chilly

This appetizing dish is quite rich in taste, with a creamy and smooth texture.

A perfect alternative to other delightful creations made with paneer.


3) Chicken Lahori

A creation right from the kitchens of Lahore

With chicken marinated in a curd based spicy mixture and a unique flavour of chicken cooked in variety of spices

Well, this lip-smacking protein-rich dish definitely goes well with both rice and roti.


4) Dal Makhani

One of the most popular Indian dishes.

The recipe does complete justice to the name as it uses plenty of butter balancing out the heat of the select spices added in it, making this creation rich, creamy and delicious.


5) Mutton Seekh

Well this completes the traditional feast during Ramadan

A delightful starter that can be even relished as a side dish, mutton ground with spice mix adding a touch of grand flavour one will definitely love the tenderness of the delicious kebabs.



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