A Multicuisine Treat

Legendz is a new place recently opened up in chembur. Sheeshas being there USP this place servers some really amazing and unique style of sheeshas including fruit based sheeshas like watermelon, pineapple based sheeshas. They also specialise in there chicken based dishes by making all of them absolutely delicious.


Right from the heart of Punjab,

the creamy dessert consisted the quintessential mix of rice and milk with the almond paste enhancing the thick and creamy texture of this amazing sweet dish, finally garnished with chopped almonds, pistachios, saffron adding to its authentic flavour. A level up in terms of creation and the quality of ingredients added, compared to the same available at other Elite restaurants.

Butter Chicken

Be it any social gathering or a lovely dinner, this is just one ideal dish that completes the main course, a vibrant combination of ethnic Indian spices, with strips of fine and boneless grilled chicken in the mix of creamy tomato and onion gravy with plenty of butter enhancing its smooth and clear texture. With the aromatic spices giving it an appealing look, definitely going well with the smooth and buttery Naan.

Murgh Tikka Masala

The chicken was so amazingly well marinated making the whole chicken so very masaledar and flavourful, then it was cooked to perfection. The chicken was really tender and juicy along with some strong flavors making it absolutely marvellous.

Chicken crispy

As an Appetizer or an evening snack

This crispy, finger licking delight consist of perfectly fried chicken pieces with a hint and essence of the best spices.

A bit oily, but the crunch and crisp is very surprising as it reveals it’s stunning and juicy flavour.

Burnt Garlic rice & Chinese Chicken Gravy

Just to get over the regular Chinese classics, these Chinese recreations have a perfect punch and mix of flavours

The Burnt garlic rice had a predominant flavour of garlic, with the mix of spices embedded in every single grain of rice, well this is extremely tasty .Surely going well with another authentic Chinese recipe. The Chinese Chicken Gravy with a basic thick texture with tender chicken pieces and chopped veggies is absolutely delicious.

Malai Murgh Tikka

A unique appetizer to start your meal with. Fine and tender meat cooked in a marinade with yoghurt, coriander, chilies and cheese as a surprise element. The balance of flavours make this creamy starter the best ever.

Nizami Murgh Tikka

A wonderful chicken creation all made with a mix of rich spices and special ingredients namely sesame, coconut and yoghurt .The balance of these natural mixes makes this an attractive, mouthwatering and royal dish.

Well this is a must try.

Lemon kiwi Margarita

A perfect slushy drink to chill in these summer afternoons with an amazing presentation a wild fizzy combination of Lemon and Kiwi, with just a strong punch of Kiwi and predominant flavour of lemon. This unique tangy-sweet creation goes well with salt rimmed Margarita glass.


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