A Summer house delight



Blueberry twist smash:

It turned out to be a complete pakage with all the fruity flavors of blueberry, orange & lime with the rosemary bringing in an extraordinary twist.


Watermelon twist smash:

Well one thing that you’ll remember after drinking this drink is its amazing refreshing and fruity flavors. It has blend of watermelon and melon flavors along with the coconut bringing in the twist and the end it has a splash of refreshing flavors of mint and lime.


Fresh mint slush:

After having a lot ride to this place from andheri in the summer heat this drink was like nectar to us. As the name suggests it has a strong refreshing flavor of mint and lime which was absolutely delicatable.




Coconut mojito with a twist:

This mojito has a complete different flavor which you won’t find anywhere else. Usually mojitos have various flavors with mint being the prominent one. Well this drink has a strong coconut flavor along with coconut foam on the top making it completely unique.


Made in the city:

Subtle and classy would be the perfect decryption for this drink. It has a base of bourbon along with a blend of blueberry pure with thyme bringing in the twist of mint. It really has a simple presentation with a strong blueberry color making it look really elegant.




Cheesy nachos with salsa and sour cream:

These nachos were simply amazing. They weren’t overwhelmingly cheesy with other prominant flavors of the cream and the beans. Yet the star in this sky full of wonders was the special delecta cheese that they use in it. It has an amazing not so creamy and heavy flavor which just just make these the perfect appetizer. Also it has enough portion for 4 people, so there won’t be any need to fight over the cheesiest portion😛


Jalapeno Cheese Nachos:
Cheese fingers with a mild spicy of jalapenos, these cheese fingers are a must try at Summer House. The cheese they use is not at all heavy yet has the right amount of creaminess that you expect.


Chilli Chicken Delhi style:

This dish is a spicer and a more flavoful version of the classic chicken chilli. The chicken was perfectly cooked and had a balanced spicy flavor all over the chicken.


Stuffed bbq soya tikka:

Every time you visit a new resto you wish to have something new which you have never tried before. Well then Summer house did fulfill our wish by serving this marvel. This dish has an amazing flavorful stuffing of cheese, paneer and various spices stuffed in a crust of soya tikka which is then cooked in a bbq sauce. It has a fantastic crunchy outer layer with a flavorful stuffing making this appetizer a must try !


Sausages wrapped in bacon:

This dish turned out to be our personal favorite appetizer at Summer house. Perfectly cooked juicy sausages wrapped in crunchy bacons is a simple dish but the way it is perfectly cooked makes it unique.


Mustard ans Curry Patta Prawn Skewers:

The thing which loved about these prawns are the strong flavors which blended amazingly well with the juicy prawns.


Veg and Non veg Mezze platter:

We were served with a mixture of veg and non veg mezze platter consisting of various small dishes of greek origin. Mezze basically means a platter of small dishes in Greek. The star for us in the whole platter was the peta bread along with hummus and Baba Ganoush. Both of them were simply perfect with the right amount of oil on the top and had the perfect creamy and a mild a spicy flavor which went amazingly well with the Peta Bread.




Sundried and cherry Tomato, Bocconcini and fresh basil Pizza:

This pizza has a bit crunchy crust along with an amazing balance of spicy and tangy flavors along with the cheesy and minty ones. It also has a really beautiful texture which makes this pizza even more delictable.




Goan Chorizo Stew with pav:

If you are a fan of goan flavors then this dish is a must try for you. It has an appearance of pav bhaji but has completely different complex flavors. It has a typical chicken aroma all over the dish along with typical spicy and sour

Goan flavors.


Chicken Kra Pao with sticky rice:

Bored having those same old spicy, tangy, cheesy flavors in your main course?

Well then this thai dish will surely bring in the change. It has sticky and a little bit sweet rice at the bottom with minced chicken sauted in basil and fresh chilis on the top. This dish is served with a peanut butter sauce which actually blends in amazingly well with the sticky rice adding a complete new set of buttery sweet flavors.


Basil Pesto Chicken in Parmesan sauce:

The thing we most loved at Summer house is that the believe in sticking in with the basics of cooking rather experimenting and creating a complete new mess. The chicken breasts were cooked perfectly along with an amazing marination in the pesto sauce making the chicken juicy and flavorful to the cores. Served along with the parmesan cheese adds up to the cheesy flavors along with mashed potatoes makes this dish a complete meal!


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